Discussion 1&2 - Research indicates that people perform

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Topic 6 DQ 1 

Research indicates that people perform better and are more engaged at work when they enjoy coming to work and have good relationships there; spiritual leadership is one such way to encourage work satisfaction and efficacy. Fry (2003) defines spiritual leadership as “the values, attitudes and behaviors that are necessary to intrinsically motivate one’s self and others so that they have a sense of spiritual survival through calling and membership.” How will you be a spiritual leader in your classroom? What values will you bring to the classroom? How do you know this is your calling?

Resource: http://www.precisionmi.org/Materials/LeadershipMat/Spiritual%20Leadership%20and%20Organizational%20Performance%20-%20An%20Exploratory%20Study.pdf


Topic 6 DQ 2 

The old adage that people learn more from what you do than what you say holds true for many relationships. How will this affect your leadership of paraprofessionals, volunteers, and service providers in the classroom? What behaviors will you exemplify in order to be an effective leader by actions? What behaviors might you need to keep in check?

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