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SOCS185 Culture and Society

Week 3 Discussion

Nature, Nurture, and Gender Identity

Sociologists and other social scientists have long been skeptical of biological explanations of social life, and many continue to be so despite advances in the integration of biological and social research. One classic example of the debate between nature and nurture is that of gender identity formation.

First, consider how gender is formed as a social construction. How were you socialized into learning what was considered culturally appropriate behavior for your gender? What agents of socialization taught you these cultural norms, and which was the most significant in shaping your sense of self? Be sure to use specific examples from the reading and your own experience to help form your response.

Second, consider the idea of gender as a performance. Watch the following TED Talk, "A Playful Exploration of Gender Performance (Links to an external site.)" by performer Jo Michael Rezes.

As you watch the TED Talk, consider and address the following questions:

How is gender "performed" every day and in social situations?

What are some techniques for "performing" gender identity that people use?

How does the idea of performance fit into the nature vs. nurture debate?

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