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CARD405 Career Development

Week 4 Discussion


Having a professional eProfile on LinkedIn is one step toward networking for career development. As you probably have already discovered after activating your LinkedIn profile last week, LinkedIn algorithms scan the published profiles and send you notices of jobs that fit your profile. In addition to this job-match technology, there are a number of web-based talent networks that are designed to connect job seekers with job opportunities. Job seekers upload their resumes so that employers can search through the talent pool. In this discussion, we will examine the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing talent networks and other job search and recruitment technologies.

Here are some links to job databases for you to explore. (Links to an external site.)

Click on your target industry and review the list of companies. Click on the company name whose network you want to join. If you choose to proceed, click Join Our Talent Network. Provide your basic information: name, email address, location, and desired job title. Click Join. (Links to an external site.)

Read about how Indeed handles resume information and the difference between a public and private resume. You have the option of uploading your resume or building your resume online if you choose to proceed. (Links to an external site.)

This site notifies job seekers when jobs match their profiles. It's free to search for jobs and to establish a profile for the Get Recruited feature.

Click on one or more of these links or on the other job search links listed in the Week 1 Lesson, or do your own research about technologies for the job search and present your recommendations and analysis of the benefits and potential drawbacks of the site(s) you explored.

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