Cloud Cost Analysis - The analysis is for your client

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Cloud Cost Analysis

The analysis is for your client, a federal government agency, as part of its Microsoft Azure cloud pilot. The Cloud Cost Analysis is the second of a two-part assignment for your client’s CIO. Using the Azure Pricing Calculator, you will calculate the annual cost to establish a cloud system. 

The Cloud Cost Analysis will include three deliverables: 

Deliverable 1 will include a share link to calculations displaying the steps you took to calculate the annual cost using the free Azure pricing calculator tool. 

Deliverable 2 will be two spreadsheets showing the cost for a pay-as-you-go option and a one-year option payment. 

Deliverable 3 will be a two-paragraph memo which compares the two and provides your recommendation. 

Project 2: Cloud Cost Analysis Instructions

If you haven't already done so last week, download the Project 2 Template and use it to record your work. 

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