BIO150 Unit 8 Discussion - Your mom is pre-diabetic

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Unit 8 DB: Pulling it All Together (BIO150 Nutrition)

Your mom is pre-diabetic and her doctor her to make some changes to her diet and lifestyle. List and explain your top three food/lifestyle suggestions and how you would recommend that she incorporate them in her day. Be specific in your food/lifestyle suggestions by offering substitutions to her current plan. 

Current Plan: Your mother’s day consists of skipping breakfast and just drinking 2 cups of coffee. She eats a bagel or sandwich with deli meat for lunch. At around 3 o'clock, she eats a handful of chocolate-covered almonds (because she heard almonds are healthy) and for dinner, she usually just heats up a frozen dinner or eats spaghetti with jarred sauce. Her job is sedentary and when she gets home she usually watches television after she is done with housework. 

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