Benefits Of Effective Partnership

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Benefits Of Effective Partnership

You will then create a five to seven slide PowerPoint  presentation that explains the benefits of family partnerships for children. Use the following requirements to create your presentation:

To prepare for this discussion, please review Chapter 5 of the Gestwicki course text and the required article, “Family Involvement in Early Childhood Education” (Links to an external site.) (2006).


  • 1. Develop a title slide to introduce your presentation (1 slide).
  • 2. Describe how the children in your current headstart center or education setting could benefit from effective family partnerships. Present the benefits from multiple perspectives, including the early childhood education professional, the family, and the child (1-3 slides).
  • 3. Analyze how effective family partnerships in head start or education setting  will impact children long-term. (1-2 slides).
  • Use at least one resource to support your writing, with proper APA citations and a reference page (1 slide).
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