Based on what you know about HIV and SARS

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  • Based on what you know about HIV and SARS, how is SARS different from HIV? [Hint: consider the following points to compare these two epidemics: (1) Strategies for prevention, (2) Modes of transmission, (3) Time from disease emergence to its identification, (4) Resources, (5) Involvement of global community]
  • What do you think you should do with your findings at the end of the outbreak investigation? In answering this question, consider the following: (1) the importance of information flow between public health agencies, (2) possible barriers to sharing data, (3) various ways to communicate your findings to other agencies and then to the public. Explore the NYC DOH Website to learn more on the various strategies employed by public health agencies to inform the public of their work.
  • Recent estimates put the economic cost of the 2003 SARS epidemic at more than a billion dollars. How do you think the SARS outbreak could have affected the economy of Epiville? What about the non-economic costs of this epidemic?
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