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See synopsis below, I need this in a POWERPOINT and case study is attached. This has to be ORIGINAL


Synopsis: LightStream is a Southeast Asia-based IT outsourcing and support company with additional locations throughout the U.S and South America. They are in search of an affordable and easy-to-use data backup solution that can be managed from the listed operating systems below. After considering several backup platforms that were either too expensive or too difficult to use, they are looking to deploy critical line-of-business applications that can be deployed on Azure virtual machines.
They also need to connect and leverage their on premises environment in the cloud. They are looking for collaborative solution for internal business units.

Need: To implement a flexible and affordable cloud-based backup solution using Azure to save money on its backup costs to generate additional revenue, and save staff time. You need to recommend a deployment solution for the application. The solution must provide a
guaranteed availability of 99.9 percent and maximum security and support plan option. Present the best solution to the decision makers and provide a brief demonstration of how this will be deployed.


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