ARTH 334 Stage Two - Research & Citations

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ARTH 334 6382

Sept.25, 2016

Film Industry Presentation Research on (Subject Name)

1. MLA Citation for thefirst source

Plus Complete URL

a. Slide Numbers developed from this source.

(For example: Slides 1 & 2)

b. This includes highlights of information appearing on slide(s) and/or the slide notes. The full Slide notes will appear on a separate Word document included with the PowerPoint submission. There should be a clear connection to significance. Don’t just print a topic heading and think that will serve the task.

(For example: This source provides details about Tak’s contribution to camera/lens development,including the mechanical design of the Super Panatar projection lens.)

You won’t detail everything here; just provide an overview of what you willdetail in the slide(s) and notes.

2. MLA Citation for thesecond source

Plus Complete URL

a. Slide Numbers developed for this source.

(For example: Slide 3)

b. Highlights with a clear connection to significance.

You’ll use a minimum of sixdifferentsourcesand a maximum of 15 sources to cover all of the slides in your presentation. You do not need to provide a citation for every image, but you must citeall of the textual content.Do not include the words highlighted in yellow above. Replace those guidelines with your information.

Note your slides in numerical order.

If citing websites, you must cite specific articles within the websites. You may not simply cite a website in general. That’s too vague and doesn’t suggest adequate research.

This will conclude your research for the FIP assignment. This is the same as collecting all of the materials to build a house. You have the blueprints and building supplies. The next step (Stage 3) will just be the assembly.

This submission is due by 11:59 p.m. EDT Sunday, Sept.25.

Formatting Criteria for Stage 2:

  • 1” margins top, bottom, left and right.
  • Number your pages in the lower right corner
  • 12 pt. Times New Roman font (normal, not expanded or condensed).
  • Do not place anything in headers or footers (aside from page numbers)
  • Upper right corner – Your name, course & date on three lines single-spaced (0 pts. before and 0 pts. after, under paragraph formatting in Word)
  • Skip one line
  • Subject (centered)
  • Skip one line
  • Begin your Resources Single-spaced(0 pts. before and 0 pts. after, under paragraph formatting in Word) Skip lines as sampled on page one.
  • You may not use Wikipedia, Wikihow or wiki anything as a resource. You also may not use a blog.
  • Cite all sources per the MLA standards posted under Content>Course Resources>Writing Resources. Do this manually and do not employ services to automatically format the citation. Do not use a citation block provided in Word. Citations must be manually entered. Citations copied and pasted that prevent Word comment isolation will be disallowed and penalized.
  • In addition to the MLA citation, include the complete URL (not just the home page) of any Internet sources.
  • Spelling checked with

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