Approaches To Preventing Violence - Challenging norms supportive

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Approaches To Preventing Violence

For this discussion, you will begin by reading section 3, Challenging norms supportive of violence: examples of interventions, from the article 

. You will need to select ONE of the approaches reviewed in the article and then answer the Discussion Questions below:

  • social norms,
  • mass media interventions, or
  • banning corporal punishment to discuss.

You should provide an initial response by selecting ONE of the 3 approaches presented in the article discussing:

  1. the feasibility of implementing this type of approach for one type of violence (i.e. domestic violence, intimate partner violence, gun violence, etc.) covered in this lesson,
  2. a current example of such an approach, and
  3. how effective this approach has been.

Include the name of the approach you will be discussing in the title of your post.  

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