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Unit 5 DB: Organizational Structures (ACC430 Accounting Information Systems)

Per Chapter 8 Problem 12, Organizational Structure and Span of Control comment as to the advantages and disadvantages of the organizational structures proposed.  What structure would you recommend?  Perhaps you would recommend a third structure.

12. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE AND SPAN OF CONTROL Refer to the organization charts labeled Structure A and Structure B in the figure for problem 12. (Figure Attached)


a. For the organizational structure A, describe the 

1. advantages and disadvantages of this structure. 

2. impact of the resulting span of control. 

3. effect of the organizational structure on employee behavior.

b.  For the flat organizational structure B, describe the

b.1. advantages and disadvantages of that organizational structure.

b.2. impact of the resulting span of control.

b.3. effect of the organizational structure on employee behavior.


c. When determining the appropriate span of control for a company, discuss the factors that should be considered.

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