Week 3 Discussion 1&2 - You consult for  Fortune Globule 500 companies

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Week 3

Question 1

Topic 3 DQ 1

You consult for  Fortune Globule 500 companies and serve as a project lead for qualitative studies. A CEO of one of your client companies strongly prefers quantitative over qualitative methodology. In one of the meetings, you overheard him make a remark to another executive about the lack of trustworthiness of qualitative data sources and results. You are tasked with presenting to this CEO a research proposal to conduct a qualitative descriptive study. Expert panel review and field testing are two strategies you will use to build trustworthiness into your qualitative study. What are the key strengths and weaknesses you should highlight for the CEO? What other strategies might you highlight for the CEO when presenting a rationale for conducting the research as a qualitative descriptive study? Explain.  

Question 2

Topic 3 DQ 2

Six months ago, large amounts of funds were allocated to temporary shelters for people who are homeless in your county. However, a recent county data report indicated that people who are homeless are still sleeping in their cars or in parks. You are the lead researcher in the county’s office and are aware that the question calls for qualitative research methodology. You are tasked with exploring and understanding the barriers that will lead to more effective policy outcomes. You believe a qualitative descriptive study to be a justifiable approach to this topic. How would you make sure that your data sources are in alignment with your problem, purpose, and research questions? Explain.

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