2.1 Egypt and Mesopotamia Discussion

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The themes of religion and power dominate artwork from this era of art history. What is the importance of these themes relative to the civilizations at the time? How do these themes manifest themselves in works of art? Choose one culture (Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Egyptian, etc) and support your answer to that one culture describing specific artifacts.

  • The goal here is an analysis of a single artifact in support of the theme. Be sure to review week 1's material on writing about art to help you with structuring a response.
  • Please remember to use MLA format when organizing your response. This means proper in-text citations, captions for images, and references for any work that is cited in-text.
  • Be sure to return and discuss the prompt with your fellow classmates. The goal is a search for the most "correct" response to the prompt as a class.
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