Covid 19 | Remote Jobs For Home During Quarantine


Since the outbreak of COVID 19, the world has moved back in time to the generation of lesser social interaction and movement. The harmful effects of the pandemic have put everyone within the confines of their home away from the contact of their fellow human beings. While the pandemic spreads, it is most likely that the corporate hub is facing an economic recession, with many of them on the verge of shutdown. Many companies have given work from home opportunities to their employees, while others have suspended work. Since students have been given work hours to meet their finances, they’re suffering a lot due to the lockdown. Here some remote jobs for the students to work from home during the quarantine.  

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Best Remote Jobs for Students 

Usability Testing from Home

For computer enthusiasts who have a keen ability to find errors in the overall functioning of the websites, the remote job for the usability test is your cup of tea. You can sit back with your computer screens and get the testing done and get highly paid for it. The payroll for the usability test includes almost $60-70 an hour and $1000 a month. While doing freelance, the best part is that you’re not bound to work for a single organization at a time. Working from home will give you the opportunity to earn more by taking multiple tasks at hand. 

Transcription Job 

By typing all day long for the college assignments, you got an edge over others in transcribing the correct information. This remote job depends straight on the speed and precision of how you write. By transcribing every day, you not only gather good sum but strengthen your transcription skills and boost your future scope as well. You can sign up on Upwork and Freelancer to seek transcription jobs from multiple options. 

Work as a Freelancer

One of the best remote jobs for the home during the quarantine is working as a freelancer. Before quarantine as well, freelance has been a major attraction among students as it saves time and provides good pay in return. To work as a freelancer, one has to have proficient skills in writing, editing, web development, and graphic designing. Through the availability of freelance platforms like Upwork, you can easily connect to clients all around the world. Being a student, there are multiple skills to develop and seek an experience that builds corporate etiquette and an ability to work in a network. Also, you get paid as per your wish. 

Affiliate Marketing

Being a student, it is essential to understand the importance of passive income. During quarantine, you get to try your hand at various remote jobs from home that can help them in increasing their earning by learning the importance of passive income. In this genre, affiliate marketing is an effective platform that provides scope to earn multi-fold. In this remote job, you get to put in your marketing efforts to gather money by meeting the targets. The more sales you undertake, the more money you make. 

Become a Remote Teacher

While attending college, there are multiple skills that the students acquire in that span. Make use of your education and learning to earn money by seeking the job of a virtual tutor. Students around the globe need tutorials to make learning faster and smarter. The job of a virtual tutor can include giving tutorials on any subject that you’re good at. During quarantine, everyone is within their houses as schools have been shut down. So, there are high scopes that you’ll get students to teach from the comfort of your home. You’ll be paid on an hourly basis or a monthly basis to impart learning. 

Set up and E-commerce Portal

The standards of doing business aren’t restricted to the outer market only. Now, the power of the internet has made everything remote. Anyone can set-up their business online and reach out to a wide range of audiences to upscale sales and generate revenues. There are multiple ways to take up campaigns to market your brands and services worldwide. Through the E-commerce portal, you get to connect to various marketers, wholesalers, and retailers to make use of drop-shipping to make money by selling products. You can get to do this remote job from home by signing up with platforms such as Amazon, WordPress, etc. 

Become a Virtual Assistant

Another remote job that you can seek for your financial stability is by becoming a virtual assistant. The prime tasks of a virtual assistant include responding to business emails, calendar maintenance, editing the content, and social media marketing, etc. During the lockdown, all the companies are searching for virtual assistants who can look after the management of multiple tasks at hand from the comfort of their homes. So, alongside your studies, you can seek this remote job and earn a good sum. Employers hire virtual assistants through platforms such as Upwork, Flexjobs, and Freelancers. Setting up an account on these platforms will give you exposure to various national and international organizations. 

These remote jobs for the home during quarantine can help you work from the comfort of your home and generate good revenues for a living. Also, alongside multiple tasks, don’t worry about missing out on your assignments as we haven’t shut down either. We’re still there at your service 24*7 to provide you expert assistance. Get online assignment help from top-tutors at Homework minutes.