Covid 19: How Online Learning is Helping Students


Since the outbreak of coronavirus, several schools and colleges have been shut down, and students are facing a real-time struggle in attending classes and assignment submission. Due to the sudden shutdown, the institutes have made online learning a new mode of imparting education. All the students around the world are seeking access to various online learning platforms to attend virtual lessons from their professors. This time of pathos has made students aware of the presence of online learning to compensate for the loss that they might have encountered in its absence. So, here are few statistics and ways on how online learning is helping students in the time of global lockdown. 

What is Online Learning vs Traditional Learning

Online learning is a mode of imparting education through digital mediums like virtual classrooms, messaging apps, etc. While traditional learning is the old school method of educating through live classroom sessions, seminars, etc. To help you understand how online learning is overtaking the traditional space of learning, here are a few sets of differences between the two. 

Social Interaction

Prioritize what you expect from the mode of learning that you opt for. The perks of learning online are that you get one-on-one interaction with your fellow professors. This way, you get to clear all your doubts better and get individual responses, which aren’t possible in a traditional classroom set up. 

Anywhere, Anytime

Online learning makes learning free from space and time boundation. The students get to attend online classes anywhere and at any point in time. A lot of time and resources are saved in the process as one can consume their commutation time in learning something effective. Since the outbreak of coronavirus,  everyone is put to self-quarantine. As the pandemic spreads, students need to travel a long way to take lectures- everything possible is made online.  


The students who study alongside their jobs, or the ones who have to take care of household chores, online learning is a flexible option. You can take online courses as per your own time and schedule a lecture in the same way. Attending classes also gets better as the chances of missing out on them are low, and there are better options to record and re-watch them again. 


Unlike the traditional mode of learning, online learning comes with a moderate budget. It is a fair deal for the students as they cut down on transportation costs as well. The moderate budget gives a chance to save on the tuition fees, which can be spent on other programs to seek skills that can add value to the student’s resume. 

Use of Innovative Tools

Another perk of seeking information from the online mode of learning is the use of innovative tools that can help you understand the topic well. The students can seek education through charts, pie-graphs, pictorials, etc. While giving online tutorials, the professor can make use of visuals to make students understand the topic well and make learning an interesting process. 


Although discipline is more associated with the traditional mode of learning, due to fixed schedule, strict deadlines, and all that relates. But, it is also undenied that discipline is more about how serious you are with your things. With the online learning model as well, a student can seek immense knowledge and schedule their work to complete their tasks within time. Also, online learning apps come up with effective features to help track the student’s learning and progress. 

How is Online Learning your Quarantine MATE?

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