How to Write a Perfect Resume in 2020 | 9 Tips


Now that you know how to write a cover letter that can help you get the interview-call, there’s something more to it, i.e., how to write a perfect resume. A resume is a rope that joins two ends, i.e., your ability and your dream job. The employer seeking a deserving candidate for the job role first judges you by the document that you send in as a resume. In short, a resume is a certification of a professional career that makes them determine our caliber. If you have always been an aspirant seeking job in a renowned organization, this guide is your chance to stand out. Updating your resume will give you immense opportunity to apply for work from home jobs alongside your studies while in lockdown – we’ve found some easy options to apply for. Read more on:-

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9 Tips About How to Write a Resume That StandOut

Tip 1# Select an Ideal Resume Template

The first tip for writing a perfect resume is first to give it a professional outlook. That is, you can’t take an empty document and fill in your professional career in a topsy-turvy way. Instead, a resume should be in a decent format and template, with a standard structure. The most common resume templates that you can use are:-

Reverse-chronological Format

It is a traditional resume style, which is easy to make for anyone new to resume making.  

Combination format 

This format is for professionals who can work with certain variations.

Functional format 

The functional format is for experienced candidates who have their hand in graphics a bit. 

The most preferred type of resume is reverse-chronological, as it highlights the candidate’s duties, experience, work history, etc. simply.

Tip 2# Add Relevant Contact Info and Details.

If you’re a career diplomat who’s learning to write a perfect resume, you’re well aware of a fact that you need to determine what info to highlight in the resume and what to hide. Since the resume is a professional document, you need to add all the personal details necessary for the employer’s record in it. The main info includes:- Mailing address, Name, Phone number, and LinkedIn id as it is the new trend. 

Tip 3# Set the Right Heading Statement. 

Do you know, an HR statistics report shows that HR takes less than 7 seconds to make the first impression from your resume. Isn’t it just like swiping right or left on someone’s Tinder profile? So, to write a perfect resume, you have to set the heading statement right by including your career achievements and experiences instead of boasting your everyday activities. For it is essential to know that the employer already knows your job role, all you have to write in a resume is how your individual has been through the career span. 

Tip 4# List your Work Experience in Proper Hierarchy.

While learning how to write a resume objective, you’ll derive that it marks the follow up of a proper hierarchy in all the included sections. Especially in the work experience section, as per the proper order, you have to start when it all started. Follow a reverse chronological order to write how your work potential grew over time. You must include:-

Job Title

Make it bold for the employers to scan. E.g.:- Product Manager.

Company’s Name with Address

Mention the organization that you worked in with its city and state location.

Employment Duration

Add the timeframe of your work experience in the company.

Key responsibilities

Include your key responsibilities in 3-4 words. Don’t go on with counting all, instead include a few yet important.


Mentioning your achievements isn’t bragging in any way. Help the employers in selecting you based on how you can be a good addition to the team.

Tip 5# Tailor Your Resume with the Right Keywords.

Look, writing a resume is easy when you know it’ll be manually read by the employers who’ll make the first move by swiping right or left. But, with modern trends, machines are a replacement for humans. The application tracking system (ATS) is a similar tool used in the selection process. The ATS automates the selection process of the employee by searching for keywords in the resume. Imagine, you’re a part of the 400 other job applications that have been piled up on the employer’s desk. So, you have to include certain words that are on-point to your job responsibility and are easily scannable. So, it is essential to tailor your resume by adding words that the employers are looking for. 

How to Look for the Right Keywords for Your Resume?

The best way to write a perfect resume is by reading the job application well. By doing so, you get some words that are somehow highlighted for the candidates to follow. If you include these keywords in your resume, you’re actually giving employers a clear view of how you’re an ideal addition to the organization for its growth and development.

Tip 6# List your Education in Right Order.

Like the experience section, follow the correct chronology in the education section as well. Place your highest degree first and then follow reverse order, i.e., go back to high school. Also, add a certification of a course or training that you did relate to your profession. 

Tip 7# Add Both Hard and Soft Skills to Your Resume.

The company needs an employee who is talented and tensile at the same time. That is, the candidates are fit for the job role only when they showcase the hard skill and soft skills that can prove out to be profitable for their organization’s growth. To represent the best version of yourself read our blog and develop,

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Tip 8# Include Your interests and Volunteering. 

Until now, your resume looked like a professional document. It has all the essential information that an employer is looking for. Now, to add a bit of your unprofessional self, you can add your hobbies or what interests you in your day-to-day life. 

Besides, you can also include your experience with a volunteer group in raising a campaign or about your position of responsibility in a certain task that you undertook. 

Tip 9# Put a Cover Letter at Last. 

Your cover letter is a brief of all that you’ve elaborated on your resume. So, the final step in writing a perfect resume is to add a well-written cover letter with it that serves as the cover of the book that you’ll be judged on. 

Following up with these tips can help you write a resume that standout among any number of candidates that stand by you.