Impact on the Education System in the US


Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the whole world is under threat putting everyone in quarantine. In this global lockdown situation, each section is suffering at their own level. Be it economy, employment, or education; none is out of the lapse being caused. To take the impact of the virus on the education system in the US in particular, there are multiple strands to talk about. With the shift in the educational pattern from traditional classroom lectures has been replaced by virtual learning. Read how the online learning is the constant support in the sudden makeshift during the global pandemic.

COVID 19 : How Online Learning in Helping Students 

How the Pandemic is Affecting Global Education 

To prevent the harmful effects of the COVID-19 virus from outreaching the students and the staff, over millions of schools have been shut down globally. In fact, the pandemic forges such a devastating impact on global education that the entire platform of education has shifted to digital learning. Not only did the pandemic affect the outflow of education to all locations, but they also cause economic consequences. 

As per the latest report by UNESCO, “Around 1.3 billion learners globally fail to attend school and university as of March 23, 2020.” The report clearly states that the pandemic is affecting the global education system at all levels. These levels of education include students from pre-primary, primary, lower-secondary, and upper-secondary levels. In this state of lockdown, the worst part is that the students with a lack of proper resources miss out on their education. The education isn’t reaching out to them in any way possible. So, the shutdown of the educational institutions affects the imparts of education among the economically weaker section. 

Paradigm Shift in Future Education 

There are two sides to each coin. Similarly, while the educational sector leaves a bad impact, it also provides an advantage to the bearer of the education system in the US. The situation of global lockdown is providing the educators time to rethink the pattern of education and look at its prospect in the long run. In times to come, the education system needs to undergo diverse changes to withstand the need for overall personality development for bright career opportunities. 

As the breach of traditional learning introduced online learning into the education system in the US, it shall continue to beneficiate students. In the long run, future education generations need further innovation in their mode of learning to ensure keeping up with the trends. Also, alongside imparting education and taking lectures online, there is also a need of assessment. View the below info to know more about the importance of assessment:-

What is the Need of Assessment in Education and its Importance

The role of educators, which remained giving lectures in the classroom and leaving, has shifted to a bigger term. Now, the focus of the educators has become inheriting teaching methods that interest the students – one that shifts the attention to understanding instead of memorizing. The online mode of education provides a paradigm shift in rethinking the value of imparting education to future generations. The new way of communicating via digital mediums widens the scope of better understanding between the educators and the students. 

Digitalization of the Global Education 

Generation Z and Alpha is the generation born and brought up in a globalized world with the persistent use of digital mediums to impart education. Since this generation is already a by-product of FOBA (Fear of being alone) and FOMO (Fear of missing out), the change in the educational trend wasn’t new to them. Since they’re up to instant communication on platforms such as Instagram and Whatsapp, they’re more likely to appreciate the mode of imparting education via the digital medium.

The concept of digitalization is new to educators who’ve been more into traditional educational systems in the US. Since the assessment of the assignments and the completion of the prescribed syllabus takes place via online mediums, digital space is of great help. The educational apps like Google Classroom and Zoom make the delivery of lectures and submission of the assignment is hassle-free. Students and the professors have close ties in assisting each other with the technicalities, improving their interpersonal relations in turn. 

In this situation of the global pandemic, the future of education is driving towards a brighter prospect. According to the Dell Technologies report, “85% of the jobs in 2030 that Generation Z and Alpha will enter have not been invented yet. “Another report from the World Economic Forum states that 65% of primary school children today will be working in job types that do not exist yet.” In fact, the pandemic and the transforming situations are preparing our younger generations to prepare for future endeavors. 

How Pandemic is Reforming Education

Thus, the COVID-19 pandemic is redefining the mode of education by bringing in new reforms such as : 

  • Imparting global interaction of education to students via digital learning platforms
  • Redefining the role of educators in providing quality education 
  • Encouragement of interpersonal skills along with academic skills

E.g., Resilience, Creative and Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, etc

  • Including technology in the traditional mode of learning

All these factors, in turn, impact the education system in the US and globally. For further assistance in seeking help in completing your assignment from top-experts, contact Homework Minutes. Our online assignment help service provides 24*7 assistance, even when the whole world is in quarantine.


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