How to Write a Cover Letter in 2020 


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the entire world is in a situation of lockdown, causing major breakdowns to most of the industries. Many people have been facing cut-down in their payroll, and most others have lost their jobs. So, there is an utter need for a new job, which requires you to know how to write a cover letter. The better you’re at writing the cover letter, the more likely you’re to get selected for a suitable job profile. To start with, you must first have a good knowledge of  how to write a resume and what are the job interview questions that you’ll face during the selection. Then, get to know how to write a cover letter to add more value to your resume. 

What is a Cover Letter, and Why is it Important?

A cover letter is a document that you submit alongside your resume or cv as a part of your job application. The sole purpose of this document is to introduce and summarize the professional background of the candidate to whomsoever it may concern. Besides, no one has time to read an entire column on the same. So, keep the word limit of your cover letter between 250-500 words. The importance of a cover letter can be determined by how impressive it seems to HR. Learning how to write a cover letter can make up a good career path for you as it represents who you are and how likely you’re to fit the job role.

Structure of a Cover Letter with Examples

The foremost thing to understand while writing a cover letter is to follow the right format. A typical cover letter has the following sections that entail an impressive outcast.


The header part of your cover letter will contain your contact details, including mail id, phone number, location, and LinkedIn profile. In addition to that, the next line should be the Hiring manager’s department information. 

Geeting Lines

The greeting lines of your cover letter can be as simple as a Dear sir or Respected sir

Opening Paragraph

Since you won’t be writing a separate job letter for all lot of jobs coming your way, the opening paragraph should fit in all the job applications that you’re applying to. Be personal, use the first-person narrative, and make it worth the reader’s read. Explain why you’ve chosen your current field as your profession. E.g., My purpose as a Digital Marketer is to spread awareness regarding pandemics like COVID-19 and save lives. Doesn’t this satisfy the purpose of the Employer asking, why you chose this field? It shall give them a clear answer of the same. 

The Main Body

While writing a cover letter, the main body should comprise of the significant information about your motives to become a part of the organization. Also, you must clearly state your major achievements, how you can contribute to the growth and development of the corporation, and the abilities that make you suitable for the job profile. The sole purpose of understanding how to write a cover letter is to realize that you have to make them believe how you’re the right choice. 

Formal Closing 

The closing section of the cover letter must contain a brief segment informing how delighted you’re to appear for the interview-screening. Also, state the time slot you’re comfortable with for the interview. Add a salutation in the end, and you’re done with it. 

Best Tips to Write a Perfect Cover Letter

Now that you’re well-aware of the structure of your cover letter, you can set forth with these tips to make it look perfect. 

Tip1# Choose a good cover letter template. 

Know that the cover letter is that first impression, which can either hook the reader or distract him away. So, make your cover letter attractive with an eye-catchy visual. 

Tip 2# Include the Essential in the Header.

Do not miss out on any essential information in the header section- it should contain everything, including Full-name, phone number, Name of the hiring manager, and Name of the company. Don’t include your address or informal email id as it counts as unprofessional by the employers. 

Tip 3 # Send in Your Cover Letter to the Right Person

Instead of spamming 50+ executives of the company, get the address of the right person to whom you’ll be referring your cover letter. The most modest mode of finding the right position holder is by searching on LinkedIn. You can simply type in “Chief executive officer Google,” or go to the Team page of the company to find the right person. 

Tip 4# Give a Good Introduction.

Look, the essential purpose of learning how to write a cover letter is to set the introduction right. That is, your application has to stand against a hundred others, which can’t be any less than you if they’ve been selected. So, you have to get an edge over the other candidates to grab the spot. You can use this section to talk about your previous work experiences and achievements. 

Tip 5# Use Call-to-Action in the Footer

The purpose of writing a cover letter will be fulfilled when you realize the usage of call-to-action in the footer section. End your letter with a line signifying the employers to take a call to action, ASAP. Also, use a formal closing syntax as ‘Best Regards,’ ‘Kind Regards,’ ‘Sincerely,’ etc. 

This guide on how to write a cover letter for your next job interview highlights all the points requires to fulfill the purpose. Follow up the tips to get the perfect cover letter that can help you grab your dream job and shine amidst other candidates.