Academic Honesty Policy

Please use our services responsibly!

We are 100% committed to creating and maintaining a culture of learning and integrity.

Plagiarism and cheating is totally against our website policy and it may also lead to unwanted consequences, including punishments or penalties from school, class or university.

For Students

We do believe that the students who use our website will be using the tutorials or available help to understand the concept and learn something.

But do you think merely using is actually a form of cheating?

Simply stating, the answer is "No - it depends upon how you use it!"

Here are two questions you need to ask yourself when deciding whether to use our website for homework help:

  1. Are you permitted to use additional web resources for your homework, project or assignments?
  2. Are you really trying to learn the topic or just using our website to get someone write the entire homework solution on your behalf?


  • NEVER ask for complete assignments or projects.
  • NEVER ask anyone to write complete essays for you.
  • NEVER, ever ask anyone to take exams, tests or any evaluation on your behalf!
  • You should ENSURE that taking help from external resources (including online help) is not against the rules of your school, university or the instructore/evaluator/teacher who has given you the homework, project or assignment.
  • DO NOT post a question if you don't want to learn from the tutorials.

If you are ever found cheating, you will be BANNED forever from our website!

For Tutors

Our tutors must also act responsibly.

Even if a student wants to cheat for their homework, project or assignments; no cheating occurs (other than their unfair intent) until someone actually provides the assignment, solution or project to them to be used as is. Therefore, our policy covers the tutors as well.


  • PROVIDE COMPLETE TUTORIALS & EXPLANATIONS and not just the answers to the questions.
  • Your tutorial must include DETAILED HELP and EXPLANATIONS so that the students can comprehend the topics and write their own answers.
  • NEVER write essays or papers for the students.
  • NEVER write completed projects, assignments to the students. Instead, provide them the guidance and explanation on the topic so that they can complete it on their own.
  • NEVER complete finals, quizzes, or tests on behalf of any student.

If you are ever found cheating, you will be BANNED forever from our website! All the rating you have ever earned on our website will be lost.

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