who invented photography

The Story of Who Invented Photography?

Linda McCartney once said, “If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment.” The oceans, green meadows, sunshine, mountains, and that last adios to our loved ones, make us nostalgic. We feel like capturing each passing moment, preserving for the years to come and cherish. Photographs preserve our feelings, the happy and sad moments, the relations we share, the random surprises, etc. We should appreciate the effort of people who invented photography; it is because of their innovation that we can keep things intact to us.

How was photography invented?

The photography in Latin refers to ‘drawing with light.’ Sir John Herschel coined the term photography in 1839. It was invented by the combination of two distinct branches of science: optics and chemistry. Optics made sure that the convergence of light rays forms an image inside a camera, while chemistry ensured that the captured image gets recorded on a photosensitive surface.

Thomas Wedgwood managed to produce a black and white negative image on paper or white leather treated with silver nitrate, which was known to darken when exposed to light.

Nicéphore Nièpce: The first person to capture a photograph

In 1816, a Frenchman named Nicephore Niepce, captured images on paper treated with Agcl. During experiments with the light-sensitive substances, he discovered the process of ‘heliography.’ In 1826-27, he made the first camera photograph. The photograph featured a scene at Le Gras, a place in France. The formation of the picture took place on a pewter plate coated in bitumen diluted in lavender oil. That’s how the first photograph got captured.

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