Who Invented Rap? | The History of Rap Culture

Ever felt disgusted and heard hard rock music with high pitch rap? You must have felt relatable, haven’t you? With passing times, music developed new genres. People changed their taste and their standards of living. Today’s youth find solace with the genre of rapping. Our improvised thinking has led to a high range of rhythm and lyrics. To know more, let’s dive into the history of who invented rap.

Discovery of rap genre by DJ Kool Herc

Although rap originated and became famous in America, now it has fixed its foot globally. The history of rap takes us back to the 1970s when the rap discovered.

The birth of rap took place in the West African land. In the ancient civilizations, there were vagabonds called Griots. These people rhythmically narrated village fables to the people on a drum beat. These practice of rhythmic narration set a base for the discovery of rap. The American continent credited for the origin of rap. The DJs of those times took inspiration from disco and funk music to create their style.

The one man who gave true shape to this idea was DJ Kool Herc. People reveal that he use to fill rhythm in the most unenthusiastic parties too. He visited his school parties and used two record turntables to create a loop of a single beat. He was quite fascinated by the idea of jamming hip-hop music with hardcore lyrics. One fine day, he called up his friend named Coke La Rock to one of his events. While he played the loop, his friend rapped over it.

The sound was so mesmerizing that the whole crowd went crazy. This is how the discovery of an all-new genre of music as ‘rap’ took birth. Since then, genius rappers like Eminem, Jay Z, Kanye West, etc. have been producing impeccable tracks. Initially, rap flourished in the American sub-continent. Eventually, rap traveled around the world, along with travelers and artists.

Since the 1970s till today, rap has not lost its fascination. It has made way into all the other genres of music and in turn, uplifted the hip-hop culture worldwide. In the coming future, rapping will further renovate itself and witness vast fan-following.