Who Invented Music?

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” –Plato

Music is a cultural trait! It is an art form that includes elements such as pitch, rhythm, dynamics, sonic qualities, etc. There are varied forms of music, including hip-hop, jazz, and classical, etc. People’s taste towards music changed with changing times. To fit into the frame well, music kept renovating itself. The one who invented music gifted us relief for a lifetime.

The roots of music lie deep in the South-American Indian sub-continent and the African continent. Earliest forms of music included sounds of drums, trumpets, harps, and flute.

The first specimen of recorded music was found in 800 BCE. The used musical notation was a cuneiform and religious hymn. Later, new genres of music came into being.

Eventually, the count of music fans has been raising. The musical industry receives numerous intakes because of the growing popularity of music. The invention of music took place years ago.

The invention of music by Guido De’Arezzo: The musical history

The birth of music took place in Greece as it the land of surplus music. Their passion for music helped them in cultivating artistic skills. Aristotle, a Greek man, wrote the first music theory through the introduction of notation in 350 BCE. Later in 600 BCE, Pythagoras treated music as a scientific theory and discovered the octave scale.

Eventually, music traveled to Rome and established itself under the graces of catholic churches. In 612 BC, China too developed its musical culture by the introduction of the orchestra. It accompanied musicians along with multiple instruments. In 650, a new notation of music called ‘neumes’ introduced. It helped in converting vocal music into written form.

The final improvisation in musical theory took place in 1000 CE. Guido D’Arezzo invented solfege, vocal note scales such as do, re, mi, fa, la, ti, do. These vocal notes improved the standard musical system by adding a time signature to it.

In the nick of time, music developed and gave new dimensions to itself. Over a thousand genres of music have been discovered till now.