Who Invented Glasses? | The Vision Corrector

During our childhood days, we watched cartoons all day long. In our working phase, we remain intact to the computer screens. Also, we use our mobile phones for almost 1-2 hours on an everyday basis. All these routine activities lead to weak eyesight. To cure it, the invention of glasses took place. To know more, let’s learn about who invented glasses?

In the case of weak eyesight, a lot of sight disorders such as dyslexia, astigmatism, presbyopia, etc. These disorders can also lead to permanent blindness or partial blindness. Glasses help in improving weak vision by using lenses. The eye specialist who cures sight disorders is widely called as Ophthalmologist.

The invention of glasses resolved far-sightedness, near-sightedness, etc. The man behind such a beneficial invention was Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin: The man who Invented glasses

A man named Benjamin Franklin is known as the inventor of glasses. He invented bifocal lenses during the 16th century. But, glasses were found even around the 13th century. During that era, an English Franciscan friar named Roger Bacon wrote about corrective lenses. However, there is no evidence whether he used it to invent glasses or not.

Probably, the use of simple magnifiers in the 13th century Italy gave birth to the idea of glasses.

Later in 1841, an epitaph was found in the church of Santa Maria Maggiore. It stated D’ Armati as the inventor of glasses. Perhaps, the information had no relevant proof attached to it. Around 1000 BC, Cairo, an Arabian mathematician conducted various works in optics; it helped him gain the tag of ‘father of modern optics.’

The oldest pair of spectacles were earlier recovered from a place called Floorboards at Wienhausen Abbey. These spectacles are rivet spectacles with no temples and ear stems. The first temple spectacles were seen in 1901 when the American president Theodore Roosevelt had worn it.  Since then, spectacles with temples became famous. Modern glasses come up with advanced specifications to make vision clearer.

Today, most of us use sunglasses and glasses to protect eyes from uv-rays and correct weak eyesight.