who invented beer

Who Invented Beer?

Beer has been a go-to for everybody for eternity, whether it be a happy moment or crisis. All the gatherings and get together need the only sole savior BEER. The happy moments turn into memorable moments, and the sad moments become better. All of us want to know who is the one behind the invention of happiness. There have been many theories about beer, and we have come up with all the exciting experiments and hustles of the person who invented beer.

The History of Beer

It has been more than 12000 years since the discovery of Beer. We all have been involved in a debate somewhere about who invented beer and how it had significant changes in the taste and compositions. Though the discussion can’t have a single answer since it doesn’t have one, we have accumulated all the historical facts about beer.

Beer has the story of its origin alongside the story of agriculture. In the agrarian civilizations, beer was discovered and explored around the staple crops such as wheat, rice, barley, and maize.

In 7000 B.C., the villagers in China were seen brewing fermented alcoholic drinks which took a significant shift in the development of the beer. After all the experiments and improvements, varieties of beer started coming up, and the Barley beer was produced in the mountains of Iran in 3000 B.C.

As we reached later stages in the development of beer, different flavors of beer started coming up. In 822 AD, the first flavored beer came up with the help of hops. Hops were used for brewing as it had the much needed anti-bacterial effect and also balanced the bitterness and sweetness of the beer.

The brewing industry picked up pace in the medieval periods because of the sole reason it helped in killing off many diseases. The lagers we all know today was discovered by accident in the year of 1420 as the Bottle fermented Beers. These beers helped the yeast to automatically carbonate the beer and kill all the bacterias and viruses.

The beers got the version of dark and robust beers as many people like *Porter* was developed in the 18th century. It used brown malts in the production of the Porter. Many people link Stout and Porter together, but the legends know the difference. Stout Beer was discovered to serve the purpose of Strong Beer, not a Dark Beer.

In 1971, CAMRA( the Campaign for Real Ale) was founded to support real ale production and pubs which in the outturn helped in the process of better beers and better booze for us. Again for our fun, in 1989, Plastic widget discs were put in the canned heads so that it can be easily carried

anywhere and also forms a smooth head when poured.

Later in the 21st century, beer has been able to make a place in every party animal and even stressed animals as well. In 2010, A 55% abv ale termed *the end of history* was discovered and is claimed to be the strongest beer produced to date; it can dismiss even the regular alcoholics.

The popularity of beer has been such that the brewers association has reported that 2538 breweries are currently operating in the United States only. You can expect the count in the whole world. Even the non-alcoholic beers have been given a stint in the recent times so that no-one feels isolated.