who invented baseball

Who Invented Baseball?

What do you do in your free weekend? A lot of you must be having a great time with your friends and family playing baseball. But have you ever wondered that who invented baseball? We bet you don’t know who did it.

The History of Baseball

The origins of baseball are referred to as uncertain; nobody is sure about who invented

Baseball. Some say Abner Doubleday invented baseball while others deny of the story and say it’s a made-up story by the followers of Doubleday.

The traces and imprints of the game played using a bat, and a ball has the roots over 2000 years ago in ancient Egypt. The ball used in the first game of baseball is still put on display in the British Museum in London.

There have been a few of the certain similarities that prove Cricket and Rounders (Games played using Bat and Ball and also involved Running). Rounders and Cricket both had the origin in the 19th century in the English backyard and then helped Baseball to extract the required base for developing a new game. Al Spalding helped to form a perfect story about the invention of Baseball; the story about Abner Doubleday was brought up by him. According to Al Spalding, Baseball was invented in 1839 in a city called Cooperstown. But Doubleday never approved the story.

The National Association of Baseball was born in the year 1850, and the national league came up and started reaching new levels in 1876. As soon as the national league was made up, Americans wanted to make the game international. They reached a professional player to introduce the game to the international level at Cuba in 1878 after the bats and balls had arrived in Japan.

The game then flew fast to all over the world in a rapid manner in the 20th century with many improvements and enhancements. It started getting to the world level in 1976, and the process went till the year 1950, covering the base of the entire world.