who invented air conditioner

Who Invented Air Conditioner (AC)

What gives you relief after you’ve come home from the scorching heat outside? Yes, it’s the air conditioner, a modern-day boon to humans. It saves us from heat and makes the temperature of our room, cozy. We should thank the person who first invented this modern-day marvel. But do we know who he was?

Willis Carrier: The Inventor of Air Conditioner

In 1902, Wills Carrier at the Pittsburgh train platform realized that fog could be created by passing dry air through water. He realized that doing so could produce air by precise amounts of moisture. In that year, he completed the invention to controlling humidity which was the primary requirement for the modern-day air conditioning. It was not until 1914 that these modern marvels were installed in private homes.


From the start he was developing a network of dealers, sellers and consumers to help in the marketing of his invention. Air Conditioning initially gained popularity while installations in Europe, Asia. This incident saw the rise and popularity of the air conditioner as a universal application.


Will Carrier’s legacy lives on today as the company he had established continues to manufacture modern-day air conditioning systems. Today these machines are energy and power efficient. The advent of home air conditioning, people, now had the opportunity of migrating to hotter places around the world. Without the invention of the air conditioner, this would have never been easily possible.


The creation of the air conditioner gave rise to various industries which power our economy. The precision in temperature controlling and humidity enabled the shaping of modern-day shopping malls, transatlantic flight, and the computers and servers that power our Internet.