who invented chess

Who Invented Chess?

Chess is a strategic and brainstorming game which is played on a checkered board of an 8*8 grid. The game has always been a favorite of millions worldwide, and all the age groups are always interested in playing chess. The Indian game Chaturanga is believed to be the forefather of the exercise for our brain. The origin of chess started sometime before the 7th century. In the following centuries, chess reached Europe, Spain, and many other countries. Chess is a game that could not be invented by a single person with all the complex rules and strategies in the game. The history of chess is unique, and we ought to enrich you with the facts about who invented chess.

History of Chess

It has been more than 1500 years since the origin of Chess. The brainstorming game of chess got the idea from *Chaturanga* which was played in India. In the 6th Century, A.D North Indians were the first few persons who had the privilege of playing chess and then it traveled to Persia from there. Slowly and steadily, the whole of the Asian Continent was seen playing and learning new things while playing the game.

Later in the 10th Century, Chess was reaching new levels of achievement and started expanding the base in the Islamic Arabian Empire and Europe as well. Muslims liked the game pretty much that they made specific implications in the game so that it can be made more friendly and more engaging among everybody.

Until the end of the 15th Century, the brainstormer game of Chess saw many revolutionary and out-of-the-box changes. The Chinese liked the game pretty and wanted the authority over it but didn’t quite succeed to change the history. They made several sanctions and in between put a complete prohibition on the game.

The game took modern shape in the late 1880s. All the people were in love with the new implications in the game. After the Chess had its changes to improve the gaming experience, the players started relying on tactics, sacrifices, and extremely dynamic play. The players had to be un-predictable and un-expected while playing the game.

In 1886, the first official World Chess Championship took place in New York City, St. Louis, and New Orleans. The Match of Chess was fought between Wilhelm Steinitz and Johanness Zukerot.

Chess was traditionally played on the Checkers board but with the evolvement of digitization, the game saw a revolution with the inventions of databases and chess engines. The evolvement of Chess engines was done up to so much of an extent that even a World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov also lost a six-game match against the IBM’s computer Deep Blue Engine.

After Chess had its databases and engines, more advancements in the game were brought up. The Chess websites were live which had different versions of the game and helped to gain popularity in the latest generations which don’t like to play board games but love to be present on the internet 24*7. Chess.com’s website was launched in 2007, lichess’s site in 2010 and also Chess24’s site was live in 2014.

There are many more inventions and advancement in the game which will be available in front of us to cherish and enhance the thinking capacities of our brain.