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Tutorial # 00005011
Posted On: 12/12/2013 12:09 PM
Posted By: spqr
Tutorial Preview …class xx the xxxx night Using xxx demand forecasts, xx would xxxxxx xxx right-hand xxxxx of the xxxxx three constraints xxx resolve xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx BA xxx Homework 3 xxxxxxxxx 22 a xxx L x xxxxxx of xxxxx assigned to xxxx D = xxxxxx of xxxxx xxxxxxxx to xxxxx S = xxxxxx allocated to xxxxx Max xxx x 25D x 18S s x L + x + x x 100 xxxxx Time 0 xx - 0 xx ? x xxxx 40% xxxxxxxxxxx -0 15L x 0 15D x 0 xxx x 0 xxxxxxx Sarah -0 xxx - 0 xxx + x x 0 xxxxxxx Sarah L x 50 Maximum xxxx b x x 48 xxxxx D= 72 xxxxx S= 30 xxxxxxxxxx Cost x xxxxx c xxx dual value xxx constraint 5 xx 0 xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx hours xxx Lisa will xxx change the xxxxxxxx d xxx xxxx value xxx constraint 3 xx 0 Because xxxxx is xx xxxxx Limit xx the right-hand-side xxxxxx the optimal xxxxxxxx will xxx xxxxxx Resolving xxx problem without xxxx constraint will xxxx show xxxx xxx solution xxxxxxxx in (b) xxxx not change xxxxxxxxxx 3, xxxxxxxxxx xx really x redundant constraint xxxxxxxxxxxx Analysis BA xxx Homework x xxxxxxxxx 23 xx answer to xxxx homework question xxxx go xxxx xx find xxxx answer, you xxx want to xxxxx the xxxxxxx xx some xx the similar xxxxxxxxx Quantitative Analysis xx 452 xxxxxxxx x Questions xx Let A x number of xxxxxx of xxxxx x B= xxxxxx of shares xx stock B xx number xx xxxxxx of xxxxx C D= xxxxxx of shares xx stock x x To xxx data on x per share xxxxx multiply xxxxx xx rate xx return or xxxx measure value xxx 10A x x 5B x 4C + x 2D s x 100A x xxx + xxx + 40D x 200,000 12A x 4B x x 8C…
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