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DEVRY RELI448 WEEK 5,6 and week 7 discussions

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Subject: Religious Studies
Due on: 07/21/2014
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Judaism and the Prophetical Tradition (graded)

The prophet Amos spoke out against the injustices of the Northern Kings of Israel. He set the tone for centuries of prophetical figures in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. A central theme of the prophetical tradition is social justice. Read Amos 2:6-16; 5:14-15 in this regard (see the Webliography for an online Bible). Do you think churches have done enough with regard to social inequality, poverty, injustice, and so on? What one issue do you think churches should address today?

Biblical Themes: The Problem of Evil (graded)

Epicurus is generally credited with first expounding the problem of evil, and it is sometimes called "the Epicurean paradox": "Either God wants to abolish evil, and cannot; or he can, but does not want to. If he wants to, but cannot, he is impotent. If he can, but does not want to, he is wicked. If God can abolish evil, and God really wants to do it, why is there evil in the world?" The problem of evil poses this question: how can a God who is all-powerful, all-wise, and all-good permit so much pain, suffering, and evil in the world? How would you answer this question?

week 6

Jesus and the Kingdom of God (graded)

Describe some of the values Jesus had in mind when he used the phrase "Kingdom of God." One scholar has called Jesus's message "ethical apocalypticism." What do you think this means in light of our discussion of apocalypticism in the text? (You might want to relate this to theBeatitudes in Matthew 5:1-12.)

The Proofs for the Existence of God (graded)

Read through the Proofs for the Existence of God carefully (see Webliography). Do any of them convince you? If the answer is yes, then explain one that resonates with you. If the answer is no, then what purpose do you think those proofs serve?Would it make a difference to you if the proofs were somehow made better? How would Jesus have responded to attempts to prove the existence of God?

week 7

The Five Pillars of Islam (graded)

In that it recognizes one God who rules the entire world, Islam may be called a universal religion. However, although Islam grew out of a particular seventh-century Arabian context, Muslims claims that its central document, the Qur'an, must be read in Arabic in order to be fully appreciated. How can Islam or any similar religion resolve the tension between the universal and the particular? How can it (or any other faith) be a religion for people of all races and nationalities without giving up its distinctive cultural heritage?

Indigenous Religions (graded)

Indigenous religions, such as those of Native American traditions, claim a special relationship with nature. Give an example of this relationship. Some have said that urban people in the modern world romanticize the attitude towards nature held by indigenous peoples. Are there any examples of unnecessary damage made to the environment by native groups of the past?

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DEVRY RELI448 WEEK 5,6 and week 7 discussions

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Preview: paradox": xxxxxxx God xxxxx to abolish xxxxx and cannot; xx he xxxx xxx does xxx want to xx he wants xxx but xxxxxxx xx is xxxxxxxx If he xxxx but does xxx want xxx xx is xxxxxx If God xxx abolish evil, xxx God xxxxxx xxxxx to xx it, why xx there evil xx the xxxxxxx xxx problem xx evil poses xxxx question: how xxx a xxx xxx is xxxxxxxxxxxxx all-wise, and xxxxxxxx permit so xxxx pain, xxxxxxxxxx xxx evil xx the world? xxx would you xxxxxx this xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx made xxxxx he gave xxx Eve, they xxxx committed x xxxx and xxxx was, they xxx from the xxxx that xxx xxx forbid xxxx to eat xxxx   One of xxx punishments xxxx xxx give x Eve was xxxx of pain xxxxxx childbearing, x xxxxx suffers xxxxx pain during xxxx time; this xxx a xxxxxxxx xxx the xxx that was xxxxxxxxx     The Bible xxxx “ xxxx xxx LORD xxx said to xxx snake: Because xxx have xxxx xxxxx cursed xxx you among xxx the animals, xxxx or xxxxx xx your xxxxx you shall xxxxxx and dust xxx shall xxxxxxxx xxx days xx your life xxxxxx  I will xxx enmity xxxxxxx xxx and xxx woman, and xxxxxxx your offspring xxx hers; xxxx xxxx strike xx your head, xxxxx you strike xx their xxxx xxxxxx  To xxx woman he xxxxx I will xxxxxxxxx your xxxx xx childbearing; in xxxxxxxxx shall bring xxxxx children Yet xxxx urge xxxxx xx for xxxx husband, and xx shall rule xxxx you xxxx xxxx the xxx he said: xxxxxxx you listened xx your xxxx xxx ate xxxx the tree xxxxx which I xxxxxxxxx you, xxx xxxxx not xxx from it; Cursed xx the ground because xx you! xx xxxx you xxxxx eat its xxxxx all the xxxx of xxxx xxxx I xxxxxxx that there xx suffering, pain xxx evil xx xxx world xxxxxxx Gods wants xx that way, xxxxx punishment xxxxxx xx a xxxxxxxx that if xxxx do something xxxxx or xxxx xxxxx there xx consequences to xxx   Book of xxxxxxx Retrieved xxxx xxxxxx Bible xx  http://www usccb xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > [4/8/2014] week xxxxxx and xxx xxxxxxx of xxx (graded)Describe some xx the values xxxxx had xx xxxx when xx used the xxxxxx "Kingdom of xxx " xxx xxxxxxx has xxxxxx Jesus's message xxxxxxxx apocalypticism " xxxx do xxx xxxxx this xxxxx in.....
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