Formal essay

Formal essay

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This course has traced the development of business, industry, and work in American History. We asked you to share you and your families work history during our first class session. This 3-5 page essay brings this theme of change back as the focus of your second essay.

Please go back and read the responses in the introduction section of the discussion board. You can either choose a vocation in which you are currently working, have worked in the past, would like to pursue – OR – you may choose a vocation from someone in your family (like a parent or grandparent).

your vocation a documented essay, describe how your vocation has developed since World War II. Explain any involvement n may have had with regard to unions.

Make sure to provide a bibliography for all sources used to trace the history and movement of your vocation. As always, use proper APA and submit via Safe Assign.

I am choosing Ford motor company. My grandfather worked for them before he retired. 

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