Give an example of a folk wisdom idea

Give an example of a folk wisdom idea

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module postings to insure that they have met the spelling and word count requirements (100 words). 

Model 1: Give an example of a folk wisdom idea or common sense generalization that you have grown up with (e.g., birds of a feather flock together). How would you test the validity of this folk wisdom idea using the scientific method (consult the chapter on research methods)? Which research method did you select? Describe how you would conduct the research. Be specific. If you are using the experimental method please specify independent and dependent variables as well as experimental and control groups.

Model 2: Provide an example of the self-fulfilling prophecy that you have seen operating in the real world, perhaps even an example of a self-fulfilling prophecy that you have created yourself. For example, a student in a previous class said that she worked as a server in a restaurant. When she served a middle-aged customer she tended to work harder because she expected a bigger tip than when she served a young adult customer. As a result, she got bigger tips from her middle-aged customers. What are the implications for the self-fulfilling prophecy for the people involved?

Model 3: What do you think about the self-serving attributional bias? What do you think of the just world hypothesis? Do you think the use of these biases is healthy or unhealthy? Discuss both.

Model 4: Do you believe it is psychologically healthy or unhealthy to have the trait of “high” private self-consciousness? What about the trait of “low”private self-consciousness? Discuss.

Model 5: Think of a time when you or someone you know experienced the severity of initiation effect (otherwise known as “justification of effort”) or post-decisional dissonance (where after the decision is final the chosen one is later liked more than the one not chosen and in fact the one not chosen is downgraded and seen as even less attractive than before). Was your or the other person’s attitude similar to what the theory predicts? Discuss.
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  1. Give an example of a folk wisdom idea

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