assistance with an environmetnal science paper

assistance with an environmetnal science paper

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Final Exam Project (2 parts)

PART 1: 4 page paper (1,000 word minimum) with 5 sources and 10 citations, minimum

Consider the environment in your local area and pick an environmental topic or issue for which you would like to design a community outreach and activism group around. Select an environmental topic that has impact in your area and is one of the topics that we have covered in the past 7 weeks. Write a mission statement for this outreach group.

Include in your discussion the following:

  • Description of the problem.
  • What role have humans played in this problem.
  • What if any health or other effects has this problem caused humans?
  • Review a current strategy and solution to the problem.
  • How will the problem likely develop over time if no actions are taken?
  • How does public policy play a role in this problem?
  • Does a public policy solution to the problem present any drawbacks?
  • Create and design an advertising campaign to solicit support for your newly formed advocacy group.

PART 2: Create an Environmental Flow Chart as part of an advertising campaign:

"Flowchart represents the process of scientific inquiry, through which we build reliable knowledge of the natural world. You can use it to trace the development of different scientific ideas and/or the research efforts of individual scientists. Most ideas take a circuitous path through the process, shaped by unique people and events." A great example of an interactive flow chart can be seen at

Great your own flowchart based on your environmental issue of choice. Make sure to include the major points from your paper as listed above. Attached is one example but more can be found at

*make sure that your assignment follows the APA guidelines. You will need a title page, an introduction, body, conclusion as well as at least five supporting references and with proper in-text citations. For additional assignment requirements check out the grading rubric which can be found in your syllabus.

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