PSY380 2020 JULY Module 1 Assignment Latest

PSY380 2020 JULY Module 1 Assignment Latest

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Module 1 Assignment

Critical Thinking - Applying the Nature-Nurture Controversy

By this point in your college education, you are probably quite familiar with the nature-nurture controversy.  In this critical thinking activity, you will create a short video explaining your perspectives about the nature-nurture controversy. 

The major purpose of these final assignments in each module is to integrate the information you have learned throughout the current module and the course thus far, and to practice effective and professional communication of your ideas in various formats. 

The reason you are making a video is because, as you already know, communication through only written information is not the only skill needed in today's world.  Being capable of communicating your ideas orally using professional body language and presentation skills is critical for job and career success.  Creating videos will help you improve your technical and communication skills, which will be used in any career you pursue.

Successful completion of this activity meets Module Outcome 3.


Your task is to answer the two following questions in a short video:

Imagine you are a biopsychology instructor. One of your students asks you whether depression is physiological or psychological. What would you say?

Next, a student asks whether intelligence is inherited or learned... Now, you know that nature-or-nurture thinking about intelligence is sometimes used as an excuse for racial discrimination. How can the interactionist view, which has been championed in Chapter 2, be used as a basis for arguing against discriminatory practices in the workplace?

Briefly write out a script for yourself before you create the video.  Scripts help you sound more focused and polished while keeping the information clear and concise.  Follow the tips located here to maximize the impact of your script and video.

Canvas allows you to create video right within our LMS.  Follow the directions givien in the "Technical Guidance" document, found at the beginning of our course.

Your video should be a maximum of 2 minutes long (60 seconds to answer each question posed above).  Do your best to maintain your character of a professor answering questions in a classroom!


This assignment will be graded using the rubric displayed below. Please review this rubric prior to beginning your work. You can also access the rubric on the Course Rubrics page within the Start Here module. Critical thinking assignments are worth 30% of your final course grade.

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