PSY380 2020 JULY Module 2 Discussion Latest

PSY380 2020 JULY Module 2 Discussion Latest

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Module 2 Discussion

Your brain is more than a bag of chemicals

Discussions are an opportunity for you to practice clearly and effectively communicating your ideas, interact with and respectfully challenge your peers, and support your writing with examples and scholarly resources as appropriate. 

It's time to delve a little deeper into how drugs are used to influence neurotransmission.  Watch the TEDTalk to get your brain kickstarted on thinking about important concepts within this module, and then answer the questions. Remember this is due before your discussions, on Wednesday of each week.  The purpose of this is to help scaffold your learning so that you are introduced to module topics in the first assignment and then complete the learning quiz to help you become more familiar with the language and concepts.  Successfully completing this activity demonstrates achievement of Module Outcome 4. Watch the TED Talk by David Anderson titled, "Your brain is more than a bag of chemicals" [Video file: 15:25 mins].

Now answer the following questions and respond in your reaction assignment (be sure to look at the grading rubric in order to earn as many points as you can):

- What did you learn that surprised you or was new?  What kinds of questions did this video trigger for you?

- Describe your understanding of how are drugs used to influence neurotransmission.  In your explanation, give at least one specific example.

- Why is it important for biopsychologists to understand neural conduction and synaptic transmission?  Is it important for all psychologists to have such knowledge?

Consult Discussion Criteria and the Discussion Posting Guide for information about writing your discussion posts. This is a “post first” discussion forum. You must submit your initial post before you can view other students’ posts.

To respond to a peer, click “Reply” beneath her or his post and continue as with an initial post.

Remember to properly cite and reference your sources in APA format!


This discussion will be graded using the discussion board rubric. Please review this rubric, located on the Rubrics page within the Start Here module of the course, prior to beginning your work to ensure your participation meets the criteria in place for this discussion. All discussions combined are worth 35% of your final course grade.

Keep the following points in mind when working in the discussion forums:

Postings should display originality in thought and insightful synthesis.

Postings should demonstrate understanding of key concepts.

Responses should be original and stimulate discussion.

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