HSC316 2020 JULY Module 6 Discussion Latest

HSC316 2020 JULY Module 6 Discussion Latest

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Module 6 Discussion

Friends Don’t Let Friends Text?

Part 1: Based on your own life experience...

You notice that whenever you meet your friend for dinner, he spends more time texting others than talking to you. Is your friend addicted to texting, or does he just have a bad habit? Please explain your opinion.

Part 2: Based on what you learned this week, explore the following questions:

 2. Discuss how your opinion of addiction changed/or did not change after reading/viewing the material in this module?

For the next question refer to Figure 11 – 4 on page 378 of your text  

3. Discuss how these factors reinforce or influence the risk of developing a negative health behavior such as an addiction.

4. Discuss why the Transtheoretical Model (stages of change) has been successful in treating addictions.

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