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Module 5 Discussion

Born to be Fat


Society has an important influence on body image, particularly for women. Overweight, underweight, or just right. To begin, watch this video segment: Born to be Fat: Fat as Destiny (Links to an external site.) [Video file, 1:36 minutes].

Full body side view of a girl at different body weights from morbidly obese to normal.

Part 1:Share your thoughts concerning social beliefs about weight and appearance.

1. What might a ‘healthy’ weight look like? Can you tell someone's health status by looking at him or her? Are some people Born to be Fat?

2. If someone asked you for your thoughts regarding the causes of America’s obesity crisis, how would you answer?

Part 2: apply what you’ve learned from the readings and videos this week, let’s discuss together the following:

3. We have been asked to give a brief community-based presentation about nutrition and healthy weight. Keep in mind that one or more of our “Born to be Fat” ladies may be in attendance. We only have 10 minutes, so we need to decide what to cover. Identify 5 key points that you want your audience to take away with them. Support each point with supporting evidence from the text/readings. Discuss why these points are the most important?

4. A member of the audience has asked you for one suggestion on how to improve their diet. What would you say and why?

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