HSC316 2020 JULY Module 4 Discussion Latest

HSC316 2020 JULY Module 4 Discussion Latest

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Module 4 Discussion

What’s Stress Got To Do With It?

Part 1: Let’s start with a question based on your own life experience:

    Take a few moments to recall a time in your life when you were under great stress. Share with your classmates what the event was. Please feel free to comment generally without sharing specific details.

Describe how you felt physically, mentally and emotionally? How did the situation affect your daily life? (digestion, sleep, eating habits, etc.)? What kinds of things did you do to cope with the stress? To whom did you turn for help?

 Part 2: Apply what you’ve learned from the readings and videos and explore the following questions:

Were you surprised to read about the effects that stress can have on health? Do you think that people in general are not aware of the greater effect stress has on their health?

Discuss whether social support networks help individuals to cope with stress or not? Does it depend on the person or the circumstance?

Choose two stress management techniques that you think might be most effective. Summarize each and explain why you think they might be helpful.

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