HCI660 2020 JULY Week 2 Discussion (dq1+dq2) Latest

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HCI660 Health Data Analytics

Week 2 Discussion

DQ1 What is the importance of understanding the minimal data set needed to achieve the purpose of the report? How do health care organizations determine if reporting needs to be static or ad hoc? What are the challenges if data does not exist in an extractable format?

DQ2 Describe the requirements for a reporting tool that would facilitate the tracking of a merit-based incentive payment system (MIPS) quality performance in an emergency department environment (e.g., clinical dashboard). In your responses to peers, discuss at a high level how MIPS quality measure performance is determined for one or more quality measures that may be used by an emergency department.

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  1. HCI660 2020 JULY Week 2 Discussion (dq1+dq2) Latest

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