BIZ101 - Business Communications

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Subject Code and Title BIZ101: Business Communications

Assessment Written Report

Individual/Group Individual

Length 1200 words (+/- 10%)

Learning Outcomes This assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes: a) Demonstrate information literacy and critical

analysis appropriate to the level of study. b) Understand and demonstrate academic integrity

and authentic engagement with information. c) Examine the internal and external business

environment to effectively interpret messages in different business contexts.

d) Identify and apply effective communication skills within a variety of business environments, including the use of technology.

Submission By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday of Module 5.1 (Week 9)

Weighting 35%

Total Marks 100 marks

Task Summary

Using the sources from Assessment 2A Source Analysis, explain your topic’s communication technology, its uses, advantages and disadvantages. Identify the factors which will need to be considered for its implementation, as well as your recommendations, to complete your report.


Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this assessment.



Your ability, as a professional, to use modern communication technologies to improve business practices is critical for business success. Equally important is your ability to write well-structured business reports to communicate your ideas and recommendations to a range of stakeholders. This assessment task requires you to demonstrate these abilities, in the context of communication technologies, in preparation for your professional future practice.





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Task Instructions

To complete this assessment task:

1. Using the report format you have studied, analyse your topic’s communication technology, its uses, advantages and disadvantages. Identify the factors which will need to be considered for its implementation in an organisation, as well as your recommendations.

• Both Assessment 2A Source Analysis and Assessment 2B Written Report must be on the same topic.

2. Integrate the four (4) sources from your Assessment 2A Source Analysis into your Written Report analysis.

• For instance, you may decide to use each source for a different section or a combination of sources in a section.

• Ensure that you use headings for each new idea to clearly communicate your ideas and give the reader a pathway to understand your written report.

3. Conduct any additional research as needed to support your line of reasoning.

4. Follow APA 6th ed. style for citing and referencing all your sources.


It is expected that you will demonstrate in your Written Report:

• A comprehensive and clear understanding of the topic you have chosen. • Evidence of research and application of reliable and relevant evidence to support your line

of reasoning. • Critical analysis and the ability to develop coherent written arguments. • Effective communication in the form of professional writing skills presented in a

report format. • Show that you understand and are able to use in-text citation and referencing skills

following APA 6th edition style format.

It is highly recommended that you visit the Academic Skills page on Blackboard and consult their report writing resources: https://laureate- d=_2498855_1&mode=reset. You can also contact the Academic Skills team if you need further support.

Please note the following additional information:

• You should adhere to the correct use of academic writing, presentation and grammar.

• You are advised to include a minimum of two (2) academic references which should be textbooks or academic journals, and two (2) non-academic references. Appropriate websites may be used in addition to those used in Assessment 2A Source Analysis.

• You must check the Similarity Report for your assessment task in Turnitin before submitting it in Blackboard. All highlighted sentences must be either paraphrased in your own words or put in as direct quotes and referenced accordingly.

• For additional support on academic skills, please visit: https://laureate- p;content_id=_2498849_1



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• It is essential that you use appropriate APA 6th edition style for citing and referencing your research.

• Please comply with all academic standards of legibility and referencing details (including a reference list). Please see more information on referencing here:


Submission Instructions

Upload your Written Report to Turnitin and check your Turnitin Similarity Report.

When the Turnitin Similarity Report is less than 20%, submit your Written Report via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in BIZ101 Business Communications.

Your learning facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in Blackboard. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades. The below assessment rubric guides the marker when awarding marks for your assessment. You should use this rubric to review your assessment task prior to submission, ensuring there is nothing you have missed.

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