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QUESTION :-    You are expected to actively participate in on-line conversations on the Blackboard discussion

board for this class. Discussion Board will be judged based on your ability to initiate and or

contribute to the sociological conversation. Discussion Board participation is graded based on

the following criteria:

1) You are required to write a minimum of 16 posts touching on materials from Sociology

Project 2.5 across the duration of the term.

2) You are required to write at least 4 posts on topics taken up in the documentary

Inequality for All.

3) Other topics (like current events) are welcome and encouraged so long as they are

developed and dealt with in a sociological manner. Almost any topic can be approached

from a sociological perspective.

4) Students should write a minimum of two post per calendar week. Students must write 20

posts (minimum) over the course of the term (not including introductions and short one

liners). Short statements of agreement are allowed but do not count towards your gradeable contributions. Weeks start on Monday and end Sunday evening at midnight.

5) Consistent posting across the duration of the term is required - cramming posts in at the

beginning or end of the term will result in losing points for this portion of the class.

6) Posts should be at least 200 words in length, and must have spelling, grammar and

formatting consistent with college-level writing.

7) Contributions to the discussion board should be informed by any of the perspectives of

empirical evidence and logical argument deployed in the social sciences.

8) Demonstrate your sociological understanding of the topic(s) under discussion. Use

vocabulary and concepts you have learned in the class in your posts.

9) Differing values, ethical outlooks and political perspectives are welcome. However, this

class operates on the expectation that students use logic and empirical evidence to

support their perspective. Addressing the causes and effects of different social

phenomena is more valuable than virtue signaling on the discussion board.

10) Current events and contemporary examples are allowed but be sure to be sociological in

your approach and emphasize cause-effect, empirical trends (not isolated cases) and

comparisons between places/circumstances and across time.


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