NR524 2019 January Week 4 Discussion (dq1+dq2) Latest

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NR524 Curriculum Development

Week 4 Discussion

DQ1 Peer Collaboration Discussion - RN to BS

Continue to work on the organizing framework and program outcomes for your chosen program scenario. Provide rationale for the elements you include. Provide feedback to your peers within this program scenario on their organizing framework and program outcomes.

Though scholarly support from the literature is not required for this section, you may want to cite support for your selections. Sharing scholarly resources here can prove to be beneficial to all preparing the same type of curriculum.

DQ2 Developing Level Competencies

Describe one advantage and one disadvantage of a mid-curriculum competency test (a test in which students must pass the test or repeat content, even if they have passed all of the courses).


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  1. NR524 2019 January Week 4 Discussion (dq1+dq2) Latest

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