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Unit 2 Assignment  

Science Activity Plan

This assignment will require you to plan out a Science activity using the attached student sample as a guide.

     I have attached several articles that have been retrieved from the NSTA professional journal Science and Young Children. Many times teachers get ideas for their lessons from reading articles, looking at magazines, Pinterest or just searching the web. Knowing that science is at the heart of the questions children ask and subjects they are interested in, this assignment asks you to select an article and answer some insightful questions about how you will use this information from the selection. A well- constructed lesson plan has prescribed elements such as:



Key Objectives







     We also learned in unit 1 that there are three forms of lessons, naturalistic, informal and structured. Although there is a bit of planning in the environment and selection of materials that affect the naturalistic and informal activities in your classroom, this assignment will concern itself with the structured lesson.

     Peruse through the selections and make a choice of an article that will inform you as you create a lesson with your chosen topic of study that you selected in unit 1.  They are as follows:

Birds in Winter

Science Tickets

Please Touch Museum

The Story of Corn

Leaf it to Nature

A Reason to Write

Exploring the Properties of a Mixture

Shape Exploration: Another Dimension

Inquiry at Play

Light Foundations

    For each of the next set of questions, write a paragraph about each explaining how you will use the information.

     1. Name of the article from the attachment and your topic of study highlighted in yellow

     2. The main idea of the article that you want to use highlighted in yellow

     3. Choose a standard that you would use to document the lesson. This will come from either your home state’s Early Learning Standards or the CTELDS found in the NAEYC Library found on the top of the sidebar in this course.

     4. A brief explanation of what you want to do in your lesson with a connection to vocabulary words that will be used and some materials you would have on hand. Vocabulary words are very important to focus on and need to be worked properly into the lesson.

Where could you involve the community in their learning?

How will you know if the lesson has met its standards and objectives?

Things to think about:

Where will you get the standards? Look on your State's website to locate the Pre-K standards.


Next Generation Science Standards

Hopefully, you are using the standards as a foundation for what you teach so that your students are learning the material they should be learning; that's the science of teaching. Then you take the standards and create objectives for your students; that's the art of teaching. This is how we make a meaningful connection between the standards and objectives. The standards are the goals, which are generally abstract and general statements. Specific objectives are then clustered under these standards. In other words, objectives are statements that describe learner outcomes.   Next, be sure that the actual activity that the learner will perform connects to the standards and objectives you already identified.

Students:  Be sure to read the Rubric criteria, by which your paper/project will be evaluated before you write, and again after you write.

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