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Macro Economic essay

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Subject: Economics
Due on: 06/02/2016
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Complete each of the following five essays within a single MS-Word document file or in rich text format: double-spaced, range 10 pages more or less, and no references are necessary. Number each of your essays separately and in order. Only the fifth essay requires an external website, as you develop your own informed interpretation.

Analyze your chosen topic from the basis of our course content by beginning with an underlined thesis statement (purpose) in the first paragraph. Then use each paragraph to analyze a separate macroeconomic concept, theory, or principle from the textwhich helps explain the underlying economic content. Critique in your own words how well the theories conform to reality. In other words, you are applying the course material as well as possible to your choice of topics. The last paragraph in each essay should best summarize your conclusions.

You do not need to find current event articles, as you may simply write about a current topic which has occurred during this quarter for the first two questions. The Case Studies in the Modules Forum, provide a broad range of appropriate topics to choose from for the next two questions. The fifth essay involves watching a video and reading the summaries, while the final assessment should reflect upon the evolution of your own economic thinking during the quarter.

1. American (domestic) macroeconomic topic (~ 2 pages);

2. Foreign (outside of the U.S.) macroeconomic topic (~ 2 pages);

3. Analyze your favorite Case Study from the Modules (~ 2 pages);

4. Analyze another second Case Study from Modules (~ 2 pages);

5. How has this course changed your thinking about the aggregate economy & the role of government? What is the primary idea that you take away from this course? (~ 1 page).


Some Rubric
Some Rubric
Clarity and overall quality of writing. Describes economic concepts accurately and in the appropriate context. Sentence structure is smooth and provides ease of understanding. of writing.40.0 pts
Breadth of analysis. Follows the guidelines for this assignment correctly, including underlined thesis statements. Includes separate economic concepts in each paragraph which are derived from the textbook and relevant to the chosen topic.30.0 pts
Depth of explanation. Each concept is applied in a meaningful and economically deep / significant manner. Considers the fullest implications and inherent trade-offs which affect this topic. Analysis treats each concept fully with original critical thinking perspectives.30.0 pts
Total Points: 100.0
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Macro Economic essay

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