Global Negotiations

Global Negotiations

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Type:  Individual Project

Unit:  Global Negotiations

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Study the following document: Methods for Managing Differences. Assume this communication strategy has been recommended by your employer for mediation when working with potential and existing business clients and partners.

Consider that there are basically two distinct types of cultures. One type is more cooperative, and the other is more competitive. It has been discovered that there are some conflicts occurring between some of the key players who need to come to agreement on specific critical areas of the deal for it to move forward. The top management would really like this deal to happen.

Imagine being in this situation, and create the scenario as you go through the process using the methods approach from above.

  • Describe the steps you would take and any considerations along the way.
  • How would you use the recommended method when working with individuals who exhibit a generally competitive culture?
  • How would you use the recommended method when working with individuals who exhibit a generally cooperative culture?
  • Would this cultural factor change the way you apply this method for managing differences? Why or why not? Explain.
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