Topic 1: Financial Applications of the financial tools into your workplace.

Topic 1: Financial Applications of the financial tools into your workplace.

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Research Project


Your project is 30% of your grade. The submission deadline is July 12 – HARD COPY AND ELECTRONIC VERSION via Bb. The project should be no longer than 7 pages long, typed (double spaced) in an MS Word document format. There are two topics for research projects offered to students. Students must choose ONLY ONE of them.


Topic 1: Financial Applications of the financial tools into your workplace.


Your project could be prepared for the company or department/division you are working for or a particular company of your choice. This will help you apply financial management techniques and tools to your daily activities. Your project could be prepared in ONE of the following areas:


  • Analysis of the financial statements
  • Working capital management strategies
  • Capital financing analysis or an investment decision
  • Cost benefit analysis for a potential project proposal (describe the proposed project, present total cost of the project; outline tangible and intangible benefits; compare costs to benefits to determine the feasibility of the proposal and finally make recommendation to identify the approach for the implementation of the proposal)


Topic 2: Innovations in Health Finance Area.


Health finance area is very dynamic. As follows, your research paper could be based on recent innovations in health finance area. In particular, find a real life example, preferably from your work place, to demonstrate the importance and role of innovation in finance in general and in healthcare in particular. Your project could be prepared in ONE of the following two areas:


1.        Discuss the potential and possibilities for increasing revenue, reducing costs, effectively managing cash flow or increasing reimbursement for providers in the light of the recent legislation changes through innovative approaches. Apply analysis to a real life example, preferably your work place.

2.        Share your insight on innovative provider payment methods that have or are expected to influence a particular organization and alter the nature of medical care industry on its financial side in general. Students are asked to (2.1) identify the characteristics of the payment system, and strategies a particular payer/payers and a provider/providers use to reduce their financial risk (payment system and pricing strategies) and (2.2) to discuss the new wave of innovations in health care payment systems related to the provider payment system which impacted the financial area in the organization of your choice.


Additional Guidelines to the Project:

  • While working on the project, the key to success is to follow instructions in the syllabus.
  • Discussion of applications of your project to your workplace or any other organization of your choice is an essential and integral part of the analysis. 
  • Use graphs, charts in your analysis.
  • Please cite your references using APA style formatting


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  1. Financial Applications of the financial tools into your workplace.

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