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Intro to finance: BUS1400 4 assignments

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Intro to finance: BUS1400

1100 Words not including references. 3 References

  1. The U.S. financial system is composed of: (1) policy makers, (2) a monetary system, (3) financial institutions, and (4) financial markets. 
    Indicate which of these components is associated with each of the following roles—and explain who it facilitates the activity:
    a. accumulate and lend/invest savings
    b. create and transfer money
    c. pass laws and set fiscal and monetary policies
    d. market and facilitate transfer of financial assets


  2. Your boss has told you that tomorrow the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) will announce its approval of your firm’s marketing of a new breakthrough drug. As a result of this information, you are considering purchasing shares of stock in your firm this afternoon. What would you do? In addition, discuss the implications of six financial principles for this scenario.


  3. A number of terms are introduced in these chapters which have implications for how we, as individuals, manage our debt and payments. Explain the differences between:
    a. debit cards and credit cards—which would you prefer to use? Why?
    b. money market mutual funds and CDs (certificates of deposit)—which is preferable for investing funds you may need next month? Why?
    c. federal funds and Treasury bills—and explain how each are used to fund the needs of their users.


  4. Go to" target="_blank"> and identify sources and funds of funds for commercial banks. (Try typing “commercial banks” in the Search box).


  5. The Federal Reserve Board has decided to ease monetary conditions to counter early signs of an economic downturn. Because price inflation has been a burden in recent years, the Board is eager to avoid any action that the public might interpret as a return to inflationary conditions.
    How might the Board use its various powers to accomplish the objective of monetary ease without drawing unfavorable publicity to its actions?




Foundations of Corrections: CCJ1150

400 Words per qus. 3 References

  1. How do each of the following affect sentencing: social class, gender, age, victim characteristics? Discuss fully.

  2. How does judicial discretion affect the models of determinate and indeterminate sentencing?

  3. Discuss the issues in sentencing.






Intro to customer service

1100 words not including reference. 3 reference


  1. How can a customer’s personal values and beliefs impact a service situation?  Give an example.

  2. What are some strategies that you might use to ensure effective communication with your customer who speak a primary language other than your own?  Give examples.

  3. How can you better assist customers who have a disability?  Give an example.

  4. How is customer relationship management software being used in call centers.  Give an example.








Leadership in Customer service: CRM2100.

1100 words not including reference. 3 references

Pictures of Articles Attached.


  1. How can Megan, as the leader, improve communication?

  2. What steps can Megan take to improve team cohesiveness?

  3. How can Megan maintain the team-work culture after it develops?  What can Megan do if her steps do not work in building team cohesiveness?

  4. Now, think of the culture of your current (or previous) employer.  What area(s) should be improved and how can you (personally) contribute to team-work? 

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Intro to finance: BUS1400 4 assignments

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Preview: age, victim characteristics Discuss fully. The court always has to put some form of consideration before an accused person can be sentenced. This may include factors such as the age of the accused, the kind of crime that has been committed, and the social class or rather the .....
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Preview: purchase the stock will seem like a move to get personal glory through the in the appropriation of the information that does not belong to the public domain or abuse of power using my position in the company. It is important to state that it will only be appropriate to buy the stock when the information is made public. That is to imply th.....
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Preview: lives and shapes how they make their decisions. Values and belief can have an impact on the judgement that people make and also how clients seek services from a business. It is essential for a business to put into consideration the decisions of the customer based on their values and beliefs (Per.....
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Preview: It is advisable to jump in and draw conclusions. The customer with disabilities knows whether they require assistance and how I can offer the same. For example, if I am communicating with a customer who has the hardship of hearing, I will first have to attract the attention of the customer bef.....
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Preview: play a critical role in helping the team members to make informed decisions when rendering their services. Further, it will be important for Megan to ensure that onboarding practices put in place clear expectation so that the new members who are joining the team comprehend the cultu.....
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