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Need 4 Humanities Questions Answered

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Subject: History
Due on: 02/28/2014
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I need help with 4 Humanities questions. Need 300-350 words of ORIGINAL THOUGHTS for each of the 4 questions below. Please do not copy and paste from the Internet. Thank you.

1. Define classical humanism and illustrate by discussing the construction and decoration of the buildings of the Athenian acropolis. In your answer, refer specifically to the classical orders and the Parthenon’s sculptural decoration.

2. Discuss the role of Christian monasticism in sustaining European civilization during the early Middle Ages. Refer specifically to monasticism’s contributions to the arts, learning, and education from the age of Charlemagne to Peter Abelard.

3. Define three essential elements of the baroque style in the arts and illustrate these elements with three detailed examples of baroque art. Choose your examples from two different artistic media (painting, music, architecture, sculpture, etc.).

4. Evaluate modernity as a shaping force in nineteenth-century Western civilization, noting both its positive and negative effects as reflected in the works of artists and thinkers of the industrial age.


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4 Humanities Questions

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Preview: dramas xxxx an xxxxxxxxx spin to xx Its only xxxxxxxx member xx xxx monks xx priests Being xxxxxxxxx it becomes xxx duty xx xxx monks xx give something xx their society xxx for xxxx xxxx are xxx one who xxxx and transmit xxx written xxxxxx xx the xxxxx and other xxxxxxx works from xxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxx xxxx are xxx one who xxx organized first xxx libraries xxxx xxxxx scientific xxx other research xxx benefiting the xxxxxxxxxxx communities xxxx xxx expert’s xxxxxxx who transmit xxxxx expertise to xxxxxxxx on xxx xxxxx manors xxxxxxxxxxx has played x vital role xx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx of culture xxxx is especially xxxx of xxx xxxxxxxxx Monasticism xxxxxx the Middle xxxx  References: http://www monasticpaideia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wikipedia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxx Spirit, Philip xxxxxxxxxxxxxx three essential xxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxx style xx the arts xxx illustrate these xxxxxxxx with xxxxx xxxxxxxx examples xx baroque art xxxxxx your examples xxxx two xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx media xxxxxxxxxx music, architecture, xxxxxxxxxx etc ) xxx baroque xx x term xxxxx is used xxxxx the nineteenth xxxxxxx for xxxxxxxxxx xxx period xx Western European xxx music from xxxxx 1600 xx xxxx The xxxxxxx style is x style that xxxx excessive xxxxxx xxx simply xxxxxxxxxxx detail to xxxxxxx drama, tension, xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx xx sculpture, xxxxxxxxx architecture, literature, xxxxx and music xxxxx is xxxx xxxxxx to xxxxxxx emotional states xx tempting to xxx senses xx xxx most xxxxxxxx ways that xxxxx the basis xx the xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx period The xxxxxxx period is xxxx known xxx xxx music xxxxxxxxxxxxx On the xxxxx hand, Contrast xx the xxxx xxxxxxxxxx in xxx drama of xxx baroque composition xx several xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx between loud xxx soft, solo xxx ensemble, xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx all play x vital role xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx becomes xxxx xxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxxxx and this xxxxxx to the xxxxxxxxxxx on xxxxx x piece xxxxxx be played xxxxxxx of allowing xxx performer xx xxxxxx Another xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx music is.....
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