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The technical essay is a review paper that synthesizes and interprets work on a particular subject area. In writing your essay, interpret the primary journal article in a series of paragraphs that build on your discussion, giving particular attention to the problem or topic posed in your introduction. In addition, relate your findings to previous observations or experiments from the supplemental references that you have chosen. Discuss briefly any logical implications of the journal articles for practical application or future studies. A good review paper not only synthesizes information; it also provides a critical overview of an important scientific problem.

Select one of the following journal articles as your primary reference for the first technical essay (5 pages in length, with at least 3 additional references). You may use Internet sites to read and gain an understanding of the subject area, but WWW references are not permitted for this assignment. This restriction does not include electronically available journal articles,

Aguzzi, A., B. A. Barres, and M. L. Bennett.
2013. Microglia: Scapegoat,

Saboteur, or Something Else? Science 339:156-161.

Barsh, G. S. 2003.What Controls Variation in Human Skin Color? PLOS Biology 1(1): 119-122

Hochedlinger, K.2010. Your Inner Healers: A Look into the Potential of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. Scientific American 302(5):47-53.

Hall, S. S. 2011. Diseases in a Dish. Scientific American 304(3):40-45 Jain, R. K.2008. Taming Vessels to Treat Cancer. Scientific American


McGhee, J. R. and J. Fujihash. 2012. Inside the Mucosal Immune System. PLOS Biology 10(9):1-5

Sharpe, P. T. and C. S. Young.2005. Test-Tube Teeth. Scientific American 293(2):32-41

Write 5-page review paper
– Primary reference
– 3 supplementary references

Working with the literature

– Thorough search of literature on topic

· – Followed by careful reading and selective note taking

· – Focused synthesis of primary literature • Research papers published in journals
• Government or technical reports
• Conference proceedings

· – Start with textbooks or general articles for lay readers

· Literature Cited

· Harvard-style method in body of paper

· • Last name of author(s) and year

· • Huerta (1960) conducted the first laboratory studies of this phenomenon....
Journal article with one author

· • Straus, D. C. 1982. Protease production by Streptococcus sanguisassociated with subacute bacterial endocarditis. Infect Immun. 38(3):1037- 1045

· – Journal article with more than one author

· • Day, J. F. and L. M. Stark. 1999. Avian Serology in a St. Louis Epicenter Before, During, and After a Widespread Epidemic in South Florida, USA. Journal of Medical Entomology36(5):619-624

· • Book

· – Ross, M. H. and W. Pawlina. 2011. Histology: A Text and Atlas with Correlated Cell and Molecular Biology (Sixth Edition). Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia. 974 pages.

Please look at the following attached handout for more instruction on how to do the literature citations for this. 

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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

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Preview: cells xxxxxx be xxxxxxx aged once xxxxx segregation has xxxx done xx xxxxxxxxxxxx some xxxxxxx changes in xxx structure and xxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxx the xxxxxxxxx can be xxxxxxxxxx The aging xxxxxx can xx xxxxxxx by xxxxx one of xxx many methods xxxxx presently xxxxxxxx xxx best xxxxxx used presently xx to put xxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx for xxxxxx from culture’s xxxxxxxxx Alternatively, we xxx also xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx to xxx culture’s ecosystem xx doing so, xx can xxxxx xxx some xxxxxxxxx things about xxx subject disease xxxxxxxxxxx causes xx xxxxxxx ALS xxx been found xx be sporadic xx many xxxxx xxxxxx the xxxxxx used to xxxxx the genetic xxxx ALS xxx xxx show xxxxx impact on xxx reprogrammed cells xxx the xxx xxxxx will xx unresponsive to xxx pathogenesis In xxxx a xxxxxxxxx xx will xx a huge xxxxxxx of time xxx effort xx xxxx for xxx based modeling xxx diagnosis and xxxx of xxx xxxxxxx Side xxxxxxx The production xx iPSCs has xx be xxxx xxxx great xxxx of sophistication xxxxxxxxxx extreme care xx needed xx xxx time xx implementing modifications xxxxxx such cells xxxxx a xxxx xxxx probability xx causing tumor xx many cases, xxxxx have xxxx xxxx responsible xxx the tumor xxxxx reported in xxx subjects xxxx xxxxxxxxx Moreover, x 2011 study xx CITATION elH11 xx 1033 xxxxx xxxxx el, xxxxx proved that xxx cells can xxxxxxx their xxx xxxxxx system xxxxx can reject xxxxxxx cells which xxx doctors xxx xxx to xxxxxxxxxx hence defeating xxx whole purpose xxxxxxxx Zhou’s xxxxxx xxxxx not xx verified by xxxxx researchers Conclusion xxx in xxxxxx xxxxxx the xxxxxxx of having xxxxx in a xxxxxxxxxx can xx x risk xxxx way to xxxxxxx the impact xx probable xxxx xxxxx study xxxxxxxx the studies xxxx so far xxxx embryonic xxxx xxxxx have xxx yield much xx the disappointment xx many xxxxx xxx plenty xx theoretical possibilities xxx the.....
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