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devry mgmt 303 week 2 homework 1 swot analysis

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Subject: Business / Management
Due on: 02/28/2014
Posted On: 01/27/2014 10:15 PM
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Week-2 SWOT analysis

This is a team project

For this week, think about the organization you picked to research for the SWOT Analysis paper that is due at the end of Week Three. Think about how you will research and find the pertinent information you will need to conduct and provide an accurate SWOT Analysis on that organization. Read over the Week Two Tutorial, the Week Two lecture, chapter eight and consider the topics covered this week before answering this week's Checkpoint questions.

The Checkpoint is worth 75 points.

    • Below are three essay type questions (worth 25 points each).
    • Each of your three responses should be a minimum of 200 words in length.
    • Please be sure to include in-text (parenthetical) citations where required, in APA format.
    • You are required to use valid resources to support your viewpoint.
    • You cannot use Wikipedia or another type of information sharing web site as sources for the SWOT.

You must use the template in dosharing

Question 1

List at least FIVE sources you will use to obtain information about the firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Discuss what categories of the SWOT elements of information are readily available on the Internet. What categories of data are difficult or impossible to find on the Internet? (When using the Internet, be sure to provide specific websites or URLs.)

Question 2

Rate, from the best to the worst, each of the sources you indicated in #1 above as being sources you will use in your analysis in terms of its probable reliability. Discuss the steps and/or actions you can take to validate the reliability and accuracy of the information you obtain.

Question 3

As a manager, how confident would you be in basing strategic decisions on the information that you’ve obtained online for the SWOT? What other sources of information can you use to effectively complete the SWOT analysis?

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devry mgmt 303 week 2 homework 1 swot analysis

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Tutorial Preview …the xxxx You xxxx use the xxxxxxxx in dosharingQuestion xxxxx at xxxxx xxxx sources xxx will use xx obtain information xxxxx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx weaknesses, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and threats xxxxxxx what categories xx the xxxx xxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxx are readily xxxxxxxxx on the xxxxxxxx What xxxxxxxxxx xx data xxx difficult or xxxxxxxxxx to find xx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxx using xxx Internet,…
Team_A-Week_2_Homework_graded_52.docx (22.64 KB)
Preview: of xxxxxxxxxx reliable xxxxxxxxxxx to the xxxxxx To validate xxx credibility xx xxxxx sources, xxx of our xxxxx members will xxxx with xxxxxxx xxxx the xxxxxxx to find xxx more information xxx confirm xx xxx findings xxxxxx was accurate xxx did not xxxx your xxxxxxx xxx should xxxx them based xx their reliability xxxxxxxx 3As x xxxxxxxx how xxxxxxxxx would you xx in basing xxxxxxxxx decisions xx xxx information xxxx you’ve obtained xxxxxx for the xxxxx What xxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxx can you xxx to effectively xxxxxxxx the xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx would xx confident basing xxxxxxxxx decisions on xxx information xx xxxx found xxxxxxx the internet xxxxx that there xxx no xxxxx xxxxxxx video xxxxxxxxx this is x great way xx lure xxxxx xxxxxx to xxx network through xxxxx and backstage xxxxxxx of xxxxx xxxxxxxx artists xxx fact that
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