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Discuss the impact new technology has had on the government's ability to obtain electronic information and evidence.

With out title or reference page 5-7 pages. 
APA style must cite and reference at least seven (7) scholarly sources within your paper.

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Tutorial Preview …Essay xxxxxx…
The_Impact_of_New_Technology.docx (23.02 KB)
Preview: new xxxxxxxxxx impacting xxx ability of xxxxxxxxxx to obtain xxxxxxxxxx evidence xxx xxxxxxxxxxx for xxx purposes of xxx court cases xx this xxxxxxxx xxxxxx the xxxxx is on xxx impact of xxx new xxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ability to xxxxxx electronic information xxx evidence xxx xxxxxx generation xxx based technologies xxx being used xx the xxxxxxxxxx xx for xxx activities that xxx ranging from xxxx policy xxxxxxx xx communication xxxxxxxxx and also xxxxxxxx service Some xx the xxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxx generation new xxxxxxxxxxxxx developments used xx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx for xxxxxxxx and electronic xxxxxxxxxxx collection include xxx social xxxxxx xxx networking xxxxx The Impact xx New Technology xx the xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxx Electronic Information xxx EvidenceThere is x consistent xxx xx the xxxxxxxx tools and xxxxxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxx xxxxx investigations; xxxxx are newest xxxxxxxxxxxxx aspects that xxx used xx xxxxxxxxx electronic xxxxxxxxxxx and evidence xxxx in the xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxx of law xxxxxxxxx & Shenoi, xxxxx The xxxxxx xxxxxx the xxxxx networking sites xx well as xxx use xx xxxxxx phones, xxxxxxxx technologies among xxxxx newest technologies xxx used xx xxx process xx obtaining electronic xxxxxxxxxxx as well xx evidence xxx xxx by xxx government agencies xx the process xx prosecution xx xxxx as xxxxx processes within xxx government agencies xxxxxxx et xx x 2008) xxxx as most xx the users xxx adopting xxx xxx of xxxxxx phones for xxxx of the xxxxxxxx operations, xxxxx xx constant xxxxxxxx on computers xx the government xxxxxxxx as xxx xxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and incidences xxx evidence for xxxxxxxxxx in xxx xxxxxx of xxx can be xxxxxxxxx and recovered xxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx and xxxx is credit xxxxx to the xxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxx forensics xxxxxxx who can xxxxxxx and retrieve xxxxxxx data xxxx xxx electronic xxxxxxx and technological xxxxxxxxx The electronic xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx to xxx affected parties xxx often be xxxxxxxxxxxx and xxx xxxxx form xx evidence gathered xxx collected such xxxx this xxx xx used xx the courts xx law Whereas xx the xxxx xx was xxxx to obtain xxxxxxx electrical information xxx evidence, xxx xxxxxxxxx of xxx new technology xxx the constant xxx of xxx xxxxxx phones xxx.....
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